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English Country Homenglish Country Home is a small lifestyle products shop located in Sidmouth, Devon. They wanted to debug and streamline a new site design and apply it to a newly installed OSCommerce site. Working from supplied content and pictures, Athelnet corrected and updated a DHTML menu supplied by the client, re-wrote the existing page designs to reduce the amount of HTML code they contained and altered the style of the pages so that their content aligned centrally. Athelnet also designed an additional page for single column content and amended the site's php code and database content to follow the new design.

Inn addition to updating the site's appearance, Athelnet updated its functionality to allow separate thumbnail images to be uploaded for each product instead of using the same picture wherever it was to be displayed. We also recommended and duly implemented an access control on the site's administration directory, added a favourites icon and search engine spider control file, and added a customised 'page not found' page as part of the re-branding process. screen shot
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