We offer site design and construction, which includes submission to major search engines, hosting and support. We also provide POP and SMTP services for all of the domains which we manage. In addition, all of our clients receive honest, professional advice on creating and maintaining a consistent and integrated on-line identity. More importantly, our service is personal. We don't communicate with our customers through answering robots, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that your site looks and works exactly as you want it to.

You can come to us with a complete design and all of your images and content, or nothing at all, and we will turn it into a professional site. You can follow the progress of your site's construction on a development version as soon as we build the first page, and we will never launch until you are satisfied that your site conforms to your specifications.

Cross-browser support is an increasingly important issue, and we aim to ensure that our sites are as compliant as possible. A more detailed description of our browser policy is available here.

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"Now, therefore, my thought roams beyond the confines of my heart; my mind roams widely with the ocean tide over the whale's home, over earth's expanses, and comes back to me avid and covetous; the lone flier calls and urges the spirit irrestistibly along the whale-path, over the waters of oceans"

The Seafarer ll. 58-64

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